Welcome to No Place Like Space — the blog forum of Pike Products/Space Shirts, located in Merritt Island, FL, and home to a universe of space-themed paraphernalia and talented graphic artists who assist companies across the globe with increasing visibility and brand recognition in our busy world.

Nearly 90% of our business comes from repeat customers & referrals.

In 1986, textile artist Brenda Mulberry combined her passion for space exploration and fashion with her enterprising spirit. The result was Pike Products/Space Shirts®, a screen printing and embroidery manufacturing plant with a retail store in Merritt Island, Florida. While husband Gerry Mulberry was working on the space shuttle program itself, Brenda began serving up space-themed tee shirts, apparel and paraphernalia to space enthusiasts at home and abroad. Located just three miles from the Kennedy Space Center, the lucky business leaders were thrilled to witness every Space Shuttle launch and to own a building close enough to rock with each Space Shuttle lift off. (We are grateful every day!) Although the Shuttle program is history, our team still is privileged to watch rockets soar overhead with cargo headed for the International Space Station. We feel the excitement of every space mission—especially the practice runs for landing on Mars in 2025! We love every mission!

The thrill continues with occasional visits and purchases by real space travelers — the astronauts themselves. So cool! We love earth travelers, too! We celebrate every order—no matter how small—from our online customers and the visitors we meet in our retail store in Merritt Island. Our business is only possible because of you. Operating at the heart of Florida’s space industry for more than 33 years, Space Shirts has printed millions of shirts for thousands of customers across the globe. Our small dedicated team of artists, screen printers, embroiderers, customer service, retail, merchandising and fulfillment experts shares our passion for space exploration, space science, and the future of humanity. Our team’s passion shines through as they produce the best possible quality in each of our garments and prints so you can enjoy stellar space stuff.

Since 1984, Space Shirts has been promoting the Space Program in a positive light. Located just south of the Kennedy Space Centerwe were close enough to watch the launch of Space Shuttles Atlantis, Discovery and Endeavour, Atlas Rockets, Falcon Rockets, and more. We believe space exploration is essential to the future of our planet. We support the dreams of the courageous men and women who have made it their life’s work to explore the universe in hopes of making life here on earth even more wonderful. We want you to have products that show others how you feel about America’s involvement in the space program, too—by wearing your own Space Shirt. We invite you to peruse our space catalog and connect with a universe of Space souvenirs, Space Shirts, and space-related promotional products right here.

Whether celebrating shuttle and rocket launches or creating unique commemorative space art, we are thrilled to help people across the globe recall special moments in space history. We also love to help fellow business owners promote their own companies and mission-critical initiatives.

Space Shirts combines emerging technology with reliable standards to bring the best possible service to our customers. We are proud that our business is built on a foundation of strength through satisfied customers and equally satisfied staff.


We’ve made lots of space for you! We love creating unique Space Shirts and sourcing the coolest space paraphernalia! We also love showing you how to use the space on your shirt to grow your brand.

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We all share the same planet in this universe, and Space Shirts is committed to caring for it. We use environment-friendly protects in our manufacturing process, and we consciously work to reduce our carbon footprint.

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