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The Holiday Season is a Perfect Time to Recognize Employee Efforts with Gifts

The holiday rush is in full swing. From Black Friday through year-end shopping, this is when families, friends and businesses catch the holiday spirit.

Holiday gifts are a great way to show employees you care. Whether you are hosting a holiday party or treating employees to a meal or gift, showing you care is proven to increase employee engagement. Especially in today’s tight job market, when attracting and retaining good talent is a challenge, appreciation efforts go a long way—particularly with the millennial generation.

Surprisingly, a study of 20,000 employees released by the Cooperative Executive Board showed that compensation was not even in the top 10 factors that make employees stay with a company. Mostly, employees want to know their job makes a difference and their work is appreciated.

In fact, a study by Cicero Group showed that 50% of the employees believe being thanked by managers not only improves their relationship, but also builds trust with their higher ups. That same survey showed that 75% of employees believe that recognition, such as an award or verbal thank you, increases confidence in their own skills, while driving motivation, engagement with the company, work output and sense of personal standing.

Thanking employees with a holiday gift is a perfect way to let them know you value their work. Feedback tells  us that employees love receiving Yeti mugs. This link also will let you view Yeti coolers and a number of other cool products.


If you’re looking for cool and affordable holiday gifts to acknowledge the efforts of your own employees, below are links to and images of a few show-stoppers that will let your team know you appreciate their efforts all year. Net two birds at once—choose gifts branded with your company logo to foster a spirit of belonging and pride among your tribe, too.image(2)


Want other ideas? Check out these neat products, too.

The Space Shirts team is available to help you select the perfect gifts for your team. We have a universe of items available, from customizable T-shirts, polos and other garments to unusual gifts for employees (and clients, too.) Need help? Call us at  1-800-451-7453 or Local at 321-453-7453.

Happy Holidays!



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