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Promotional Products Beat Other Ad Media for Reaching Customers

Did you know that Promotional products beat out prime-time TV, radio and print advertising as the most cost-effective advertising medium available? Promotional products also deliver a better cost-per-impression than virtually any other media.

The average cost per impression of a promotional product is about half a penny. Studies show that one cent gets you two targeted impressions from your intended audience – a return on investment that far surpasses other advertising choices.

Promotional Products Generate Customer Loyalty
In addition to building name recognition, promotional products generate customer loyalty. Customers view businesses that gave them promotional product more favorably than others. In fact, 42% of customers surveyed reported a more favorable impression of the company after receiving the item.

Wondering how promotional products would work for your audience? Will your promotional product attract their attention? It’s proven that customers buy from the companies that give them promotional products. And, 62% have done business with the advertiser on a promotional product after receiving the item.


Want a great way to get your name in front of people? Bag it!
Bags make the highest number of impressions. Industry estimates indicate that a with your company name on it generates a staggering 1038 impressions per bag.

Hats Off to Promotional Products
Logo-embroidered or screen printed hats are not far behind. From beanies to cotton twill canvas, eco-friendly, fitted and safety hats, or visors, hats are always a hit.

Among wearables, hats were reported to be worn most frequently, with an average of 9 times per month. Multiply that by the number of eyes who see that hat and you’ll know why companies use them to increase brand visibility.

There are as many ways to connect with clients as your imagination allows. Think T-shirts and other apparel to automotive supplies, awards and recognition items, calendars, candy and snacks, computer accessories, desk items, executive gifts, golf items, health care items—such as branded first aid supplies, lotions or sunscreens—pens, stress, balls, tools and technology to name a few.

When you’re ready to increase recogniton for your company—and be top of mind with prospects and customers—it’s easy to create personalized gifts.

To see a broad selection of promotional products that could work for you, visit our sister site, Pike Products.

To talk with someone about customizing products for you, or to request a free catalog, call Pike Products/Space Shirts at 1-800-451-7453 or local at 321-453-7453. Or send us a note:


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