Our Top 30 Ways to Make T-Shirts Work for You

Here is Brenda's list of 30 ways you can use T-shirts for powerful results in business and life.

Our Top 30 Ways to Make T-Shirts Work for You

Never underestimate the power of a T-shirt, says Brenda Mulberry, founder and president of Space Shirts (Merritt Island, FL). Brenda and her team have printed millions of T-shirts for thousands of companies. Here is Brenda’s list of 30 ways you can use T-shirts for powerful results in business and life.

  1. Advertise! It’s all about the space on your shirt. Use space wherever you can find it to boost your business. It’s easy and affordable to print custom shirts for individual or large orders.
  2. Spread your brand message. Hundreds, thousands, perhaps millions, of people can see your message on T-shirts when they are worn by friends, employees, and customers across the country and around the world. Imagine what would happen if viewers saw your T-shirt worn on a TV show.
  3. Spark your own creativity. Add your own art or special message to a shirt. Do you like to doodle? Would you like to see your doodle on a shirt? Or do you have a pet phrase you’re known for, such as, “You can’t see the picture if you’re inside the frame.” Say it on a shirt and give friends and collegues something to think about.
  4. Sport a branded T-shirt for pure enjoyment. It’s fun and rewarding to see your own name or logo on a shirt.
  5. Build pride and a sense of belonging. Share your enthusiasm for space, sports, politics, church, company, or lifestyle with a shirt that tells your story.
  6. Delight a customer. Give a funny, beautiful, serious, or customized T-shirt as a gift to a business colleague, prospect or customer. “Never underestimate the power of a T-shirt!”
  7. Use T-shirts as an internal business driver. Gift your employees with special message T-shirts sporting your business or promotional Message of the Month printed on a custom Space Shirt. Your message can be motivating, mission-driven, or product related.
  8. Build team spirit! Give employees a company shirt they can wear in the office on Casual Fridays or other designated days. Did you know casual attire can bolster both creativity and productivity?
  9. Share your message easily and cost-effectively with large crowds. Print name and tagline on the front and/or back of a shirt. Wear it at baseball games, concerts, community meetings, restaurants and other events where many people will see you.
  10. Create a memorable moment at an event where 100s of people are wearing your shirt. Imagine an ocean of people bobbing up and down in your shirts at a sporting event. See the potential?
  11. Say, “Ask me!” Solicit questions about your products or company when people see your “Ask me!”message on a shirt.
  12. Live comfortably. Choose from 100% cotton, durable 50/50 poly-cotton blends, or DriFit shirts for easy wear and total comfort. Who wants to be stuffed into business clothes everyday, anyway?
  13. Show your enthusiasm for space exploration! Choose from Space Shirts large selection of space designs and limited-edition past mission shirts before they are gone forever.
  14. Share your love for a favorite space mission. Which one do you love most? We know it may be hard to choose. Visit and search “mission shirts” for a look at what’s still available. Or ask us for what you don’t see. Perhaps we can do a custom run for you.
  15. Show your love for a special astronaut. Or honor the memory of astronauts who sacrificed their lives on a quest for answers about humanity’s past, present and future.
  16. Get compliments! Find out how many people you can meet when you wear a shirt with a compelling image or a saying people will resonate with.
  17. Make someone laugh. Choose or design a shirt with a funny image or slogan, such as “Large people are hard to kidnap.”
  18. Don’t lose people! Keep sight of children, teenagers and other adults while on outings to theme parks, group vacations and other events by dressing everyone in your group in a brightly colored matching shirt.
  19. Create an identity for your business team or community group or family reunion. Make sure everyone is dressed in your T-shirt at your special event.
  20. Dress up your bridesmaids, groomsmen or wedding guests. Custom print your wedding logo on a T-shirt guests can wear to remember the fun of your special day. Don’t have a logo? We can make one for you. Ask us!
  21. Drop off a custom gift for customers. Choose your favorite picture or saying and have it printed on a T-shirt to bring as a special gift for someone you’re thinking about. You’re sure to be top-of-mind whenever they wear that shirt. In fact, they’ll remember your kindness in thinking of them even when they aren’t wearing your shirt.
  22. Inspire others with a thought or picture on a shirt.
  23. Promote your business. Some people give pens, tote bags, band-aid boxes, jar openers, glassware, picture frames (we customize those too) as tools to interest prospects, remind customers, and create memorable leave-behinds on business calls. But as we say in our business, “Never underestimate the power of a T-shirt.” Ask us why we say that.
  24. Feature a new product. Put a picture of your new product or the product you need to move out of stock on a T-shirt your employees can wear at work. Add a tagline, such as “I’m ready to go home with you.” It is sure to spark a conversation as customers wonder if it is the employee or the product that is ready to head out of the store.
  25. Get recognized. Hire people to wear your shirt for you when they are running or participating at sporting events. While you’re at it, hand out sports towels so they marathon runners can dry off, too.
  26. Sell products! You’ll sell more when you increase awareness of your business by putting your name and phone number or web address on a shirt.
  27. Increase visibility just by standing around. People are curious. Studies prove that people actually read the shirts of those around them and they may even start a conversation about it.
  28. Improve recall. The more times people see your business advertised on a shirt, the more often they will think of your company.
  29. Conduct research. Print a number or web address on a shirt. Offer a gift for calling in and/or giving feedback on your products.
  30. Show off! Wear a custom T-shirt or a shirt with a great design or slogan, just because it’s fun, memorable and you can.

Need proof that what we say is true? Look around you! T-shirts are worn every day across the world to make a statement because they fit comfortably and because they are given as gifts every day.

Need a new T-Shirt? Have an idea for a custom design? Let us know — 321.453.7453

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