Space Shirts Named Among Top 10 Regional Businesses

Space Shirts is proud to be names among the ten 2016 Small Business Finalists in our region.

Space Shirts is proud to be names among the ten 2016 Small Business Finalists in our region.

Winning Businesses to Be Honored at March 11 Recognition Event

Merritt Island, FL, March 8, 2016 – Pike Products/Space Shirts (“Space Shirts”), located in Merritt Island, FL, has been named a finalist in the Small Business category of the second annual Bright House Networks Regional Business Awards in the Greater Orlando area. The awards honor the companies, organizations and people who have impacted the Greater Orlando area with their products, services, and thought leadership. Winning businesses will be honored March 11 at a special celebration at the Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek.

A textile and retail marketing expert, Pike Products/Space Shirts® founder and president Brenda Mulberry is a Florida native with a passion for space exploration, business and community service who earned a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in clothing and textiles from FSU. Brenda, who personally delivered an order of “Space Shirts” to Air Force One, was twice named Rotarian of the Year. She also received recognition from Space Gateway Support in support of the STS-107 crew, and her company earned the Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber Business of the Year Award in 2013 in the Professional/Technical Services category.

Over 32 years, Space Shirts has printed millions of T-shirts for thousands of customers, including shirts for most of the Space Shuttle missions launched from Kennedy Space Center. Brenda’s personal mission is to promote ongoing enthusiasm for space exploration and education by manufacturing and distributing compelling space images on T-shirts and wearable apparel, across the nation and around the globe. She is proud to use her business to call attention to space exploration and its quest to improve life on this planet through better understanding of our universe. Committed to serving the broader business community as well, Space Shirts also produces custom-branded apparel and logo merchandise for a wide range of companies across diverse industry sectors.

Bright House Networks has teamed up with Chambers of Commerce in nine counties to host this event, which connects local businesses in a celebration of best-in-class. Bright House Networks will award prizes totaling over $1,000,000, including commercial TV production, air time, inclusion in a customer newsletter, and cash.

Bright House Networks Business and Enterprise Solutions offers a comprehensible portfolio of scalable products and services that meet the needs of small and medium business, all the way up to large enterprises, governments, and public educational institutions. With local 24x7x365 support, dedicated local sales executives and solutions engineers, and continued investment in next-generation technology, Bright House Networks is dedicated to supporting the local business community.

Join Bright House Networks for the Regional Business Awards in the Greater Orlando area on March 11 at the Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek. For more information about the Regional Business Awards and to purchase your tickets/tables, visit


About Pike Products/Space Shirts — Since 1984, Pike Products/Space Shirts® has promoted the space program internationally by manufacturing and distributing compelling space images on T-shirts, apparel and souvenirs for astronauts, aerospace and aviation companies alike. With both manufacturing and retail operations located in Merritt Island, FL, Space Shirts also produces custom-branded apparel and logo merchandise for a wide range of companies across diverse industry sectors. Space Shirts developed its reputation for excellent, affordable custom-branded promotional products by dedicating its skilled artisan team to the highest quality design, screen-printing, embroidery, products and customer service. For more information, please call 321-453-7453 or visit

About Bright House Networks — Bright House Networks is the sixth largest owner and operator of cable systems in the U.S. and the second largest in Florida, with technologically advanced systems located in five states including Florida, Alabama, Indiana, Michigan and California and two of the top 20 DMAs. Bright House Networks serves approximately 2.5 million customers who subscribe to one or more of its video, high-speed data, home security and automation and voice services. Bright House Networks Business Solutions offers a strong portfolio of video, voice, data, and cloud-based solutions to the small and medium business segments. In addition, Bright House Networks Enterprise Solutions provides advanced, fiber-based telecommunication services to key industry verticals in the mid-market and carrier segments, including cloud-based hosted voice, managed security, and cell backhaul to wireless carriers. The company is Cisco® Master Service Provider-certified under the Cisco Cloud and Managed Service Program, the first cable operator in the United States to achieve this designation. Bright House Networks also owns and operates exclusive, award-winning, local news and sports channels in its Florida markets. For more information about Bright House Networks, or our products and services, visit Follow the conversation at #BrightHouseRBA. Let’s connect: House2House, @BrightHouseNow, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Space Shirts Merger Brings Aboard a General Manager

Cheryl Butcher, Brenda Mulberry

New General Manager Cheryl Butcher, left, joins Space Shirts Founder Brenda Mulberry in Space Shirts retail store at 6116 North Courtenay Parkway, Merritt Island, FL, 32940

It’s good news …. Pike Products/Space Shirts is growing on multiple fronts: The firm merged Jimmy D’s, a Tee-shirt shop previously based in Merritt Island, Florida, into Space Shirts’ operation and appointed Jimmy D’s owner, Cheryl Butcher, General Manager.

Space Shirts, which provides spaced-themed apparel and paraphernalia to space enthusiasts across the globe, switched gears after the demise of the Space Shuttle program, to also target and achieve growth in other areas. The company, which had primarily concentrated on the aerospace and aviation industries over 31 years, expanded its focus on custom apparel and promotional product lines, while cultivating new business relationships in a broader range of industries. Jimmy D’s was one of those relationships.

“For several years, Space Shirts worked closely with Cheryl [Butcher] to help satisfy Jimmy D’s client orders for screen-printed Tee shirts and embroidery,” said Brenda Mulberry, founder and president of Space Shirts. “We were impressed by her commitment to excellence, dedication to customer service, good cheer and professionalism. She is a terrific fit with our stellar service commitment, so it made sense to bring her aboard the Space Shirts team.”

This integration gives Jimmy D’s customers the best of both worlds — the excellent customer service they enjoyed with Ms. Butcher, and the extensive support available through Space Shirts on-site graphics, screen printing, embroidery, fulfillment, promotional products, and back-office departments. “We love Cheryl’s work ethic and service orientation; she has quickly proven to be a fantastic addition to our team,” added Ms. Mulberry.

Ms. Butcher is a native Floridian, who grew up in Jacksonville Beach and moved to Merritt Island in 2008. Actively involved in the community, she spent many years as a volunteer with Brevard County Schools and the Brevard County Youth Football & Cheerleading Association (BCYFCA), where she has also coached the Mustangs cheerleading squad for several years. She has a heart for people, a head for math, and uses her talents to help others.

“Joining Space Shirts team feels like a fun new adventure,” said Ms. Butcher. “My goal is to help everyone work together, focus on the details and keep everything running smoothly. I am thrilled to be part of what keeps everyone moving in the right direction!”

When not at work, Ms. Butcher, enjoys time with husband, Aaron, and her two children, Isabelle, and Brady. A church member her entire life, she guides her life and work by her Christian faith. “It’s always been part of who I am and how I work,” said Ms. Butcher

For more information, please contact Donna Anselmo at or Brenda Mulberry at 321-453-7453.


Since 1984, Pike Products/Space Shirts® has promoted the space program internationally by manufacturing and distributing compelling space images on T-shirts and apparel. Space Shirts developed its reputation for excellent, affordable custom-branded promotional products by dedicating its skilled artisan team to the highest quality design, screen-printing, embroidery, products and customer service. Founder Brenda Mulberry was twice named Rotarian of the Year, delivered shirts to Air Force One and received Recognition Awards from SGS for support of STS-107 recovery.

Political Turmoil Could Be Rocket Fuel for Domestic Aerospace Companies

Space Shirts Birds of Prey T-shit.

For more information about this cool T-shirt, visit:

While traveling in California last week, I had time at the airport to read the Los Angeles Times. According to a report by W.J. Hennigan in the LA Times (June 14, 2014), “Political fallout over the seizure of Crimea has caused the U.S. government to rethink its partnership with Russia on space programs, which has bolstered business prospects for a historic California rocket company.” The article adds that engineers at Aerojet Rocketdyne in Canoga Park, CA, are designing a new liquid-fuel rocket engine that would directly compete against one built by a Russian company that’s currently used on high-profile launches. For more information:

What do you think will happen to our space program as a result of the current political environment? Let us know your thoughts.

“We Have a Dragon. All is Good,” posted Flight Engineer Swanson

Following up on our last post a while back about Dragon, below is text from to go with NASA’s Image of the Day on April 21 of SpaceX Dragon Grappled to Canadarm2.

On Sunday, April 20, 2014, the Expedition 39 crew aboard the International Space Station welcomed nearly two-and-a-half tons of supplies and scientific payloads to the station with the arrival of the third SpaceX Dragon commercial cargo spacecraft. This image of SpaceX Dragon grappled by Canadarm2 was sent down by Flight Engineer Steve Swanson to Instagram with the message, “We have a Dragon. All is good.”

With Dragon securely in the grasp of Canadarm2, the robotics officer at Mission Control remotely operated the arm to install the capsule to its port on the Earth-facing side of the Harmony module. Once Dragon was in place, Flight Engineer Rick Mastracchio monitored the Common Berthing Mechanism operations for first and second stage capture of the cargo ship, assuring that the vehicle was securely attached to the station with a hard mate. Second stage capture was completed at 10:06 a.m. EDT as the station flew 260 miles above Brazil.

Image Credit: NASA

To view the post on, click here:  Check out other space news and images there as well.

As for Space Shirts, we congratulate all involved and look forward to the outcome of the experiments aboard. Never underestimate the power of a T-shirt, in space or on Planet Earth.

Watch the World from Outer Space

There are so many beautiful, up-close images of space that come to us through space exploration. Each new image is as astounding as it is beautiful. We enjoy translating those images to create our unique line of space-themed polos and t-shirts; but our enthusiasm for space itself is the inspiration for our business.

Changes to our space program affect how and from where we launch our astronauts into space, and ostensibly, the outcomes of our space program. So, we try to stay abreast of the latest happenings and keep track of the astronauts who make so much of what we do at Space Shirts possible. Every so often we tune into the NASA Channel on TV or visit to access the latest space news. As you may know, SpaceX, a private spaceflight company now launches rockets for the United States, and is preparing to launch the Dragon Spacecraft to the ISS on March 16, 2014 with some unusual payload.

Today, I watched an online video with NASA reporters talking about the upcoming delivery to the ISS. That Dragon Spacecraft payload will contain a number of experiments heading for the International Space Station, including a big experiment that will actually take place outside the station — The High-Definition Earth Viewing Experiment. Astronaut Lori Motes, HDEV Lead Engineer, was recently interviewed  by Pat Ryan of NASA Public Affairs. Here’s a snippet of what she had to say:

“We’re flying four different commercial HD video cameras. Our team designed the enclosure and avionics to integrate the experiment on orbit. We’ll be flying in the SpaceX Dragon trunk at their exposed facility, and we’re the first exposed payload and the first powered payload that SpaceX is flying. It’s been to be integrated with them as they’ve been going through those challenges.”

The payload includes a big box with cameras inside and windows for camera viewing. “When SpaceX docs on orbit, the robotic arm will move us from the Dragon trunk and take us to the European Space Agency’s Columbus module. And, we’ll be installed on the bottom location on their external payload facility…. The bottom platform, the Nader platform is pointed towards earth…. So, all four of our cameras will be pointing toward earth,” said Astronaut Motes. The cameras will be pointed on the same path so they can track where the ISS is flying…. “So, if there was a weather event, say a hurricane, for instance, and ISS was over that event, we could watch that as it passes,” she added.

The goal of the experiment is to learn how these commercial products respond to the radiation environment of space, while a side benefit will be getting the images. The experiments will indicate how robust the equipment can be and how best to move forward with future camera equipment.

But there’s another perk: People will be able to see where the ISS is via live video and 24/7 streaming to see where the ISS is. View the stream at: Currently it contains video from the NASA website; but, once the payload arrives, the cameras will begin cycling new video. Watch the interview at

Succeed Like a Rotarian Does


Are you looking for the best ways to ensure your success in business and life? Think like a Rotarian and help lead your community to positive change.

Space Shirts President Brenda Mulberry was twice named Rotarian of the Year and encourages others to embrace Rotary International values for more success and satisfaction. Rotary Internationanl logoRotarians adhere to a set of principles that lead to strong personal and community relationships, healthy businesses and greater fulfillment in life and at work. If you’re wondering what might be missing in your life, mind or work “space,” try acting like a Rotarian.

Rotarians make a conscious effort to be:

  • RESPONSIBLE – Arrive on time. Ensure that your work is done. Do what you can do and are responsible for.
  • OPTIMISTIC – Maintain a good attitude. Believe you can make good things happen.
  • TRUTHFUL – Speak what is true.
  • AVAILABLE – Be present in the moment. Pay attention to the discussions you are having and give others your attention during meetings and conversation.
  • RELIABLE –  Like spokes and hub, people depend on each other to succeed. Show up in the ways you are supposed to.
  • Innovative – Stay on the lookout for new, better and best ways to do a good job.
  • Accomplished – Mark your successes. Make sure you stay on track. Celebrate your accomplishments to stay motivated!
  • Non-Stoppable – Always find a solution. Don’t give up until you figure out new answers and solutions.

Remember there is no failure — only failure to learn. When you are faced with a challenge, ask yourself what you need to learn to do differently to get the results you want. Then get into learning mode and take one next step at a time. You’ll be glad you did!

Are you an established professional wanting to make positive changes in your community and around the world? If so, visit the Rotary International website for more information. And, if you’re inclined to meet other successful, relationship-oriented business leaders, look for the Rotary Club near you.





Did You Know … Bags Make More than 1000 Impressions!

This is why companies looking for ongoing brand recognition often choose bags of some kind — According to promotional industry data, bags make the highest number of impressions at about 1,038 per bag, followed by caps.

Here is a tip to help you “bag” your next customer. If you are looking for more exposure for your company or product, try featuring it on a tote bag that will be carried by your customer, prospect or colleague, and yourself, too! The tote bag given as a promotion is used for four years, on average. Among wearables, promotional bags were reported to be frequently used, at an average of nine times per month. Click here to look at customizable bags.

Space Day Canvas Tote

What If You Could Get Back on Track? (Part ll)

In our last post, we wrote about what leads people to get off track or hold back from doing things they want to do. We suggested embracing the mindset and learning the skills of extraordinary achievers. There are many steps in that process. Extraordinary performance requires integrating a number of attitudes, beliefs and skill sets. Below, you will find a few insights and exercises to help you gain awareness of the feelings behind your choices and take a few action steps along your own track to success.

A major difference between ordinary and extraordinary outcomes lies in beliefs and thoughts. While I can’t unveil the whole caboodle in one blog post, I can share a few tips for gaining control of beliefs, attitudes and feelings. Continue reading

What If You Could Get Back on Track? (Part l)

Several years ago, I spent a day at a training seminar with sales guru Brian Tracy. His professional conference team handed participants an impressive workbook with a simple pathway to success. On stage, Mr. Tracy’s storytelling sparked motivational fire that spread across the arena. An engaged audience listened as Mr. Tracy taught his keys to successful selling and explained how he came to embrace them. He shared his tale of overcoming futile efforts and told us how he achieved world fame. In short, he taught sales as a numbers game (The more calls you make, the more “Yeses” you will get and the more sales you will close … as long as you also build relationships in the process.) Over the course of a day, people came to believe they, too, could harness his energy, master his lessons, and stream phenomenal success through their own lives. As for me, I went home ready to rock and roll. Believing Mr. Tracy’s program was inspired and logical, I followed it — for a while.

Maybe you read an inspirational book or listened to a transformational tape. Perhaps you listened to a motivational speaker, got fired up and then lost steam. After a brief effort, you found yourself back to your same old habits. If so, you were in good company. Even highly successful people sometimes find it hard to stay on track. And there’s a powerful explanation for it: Most people have not built the integrated inner patterns they need for success. So, despite occasional bursts of motivation, they are eventually pulled back to older, ostensibly less effective habits.

Who or what does the pulling, you ask? Continue reading

Did You Know … These Sales Statistics?

Just as advertising requires multiple impressions to generate impact, selling requires intense follow up. Complex and pricey products and services typically require several sales calls. Consider the statistics below and determine how your sales efforts compare. Also read to the end of this article for information on a Space Shirt that supports worthwhile space-related endeavors. Continue reading